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The whole MIM Metal Injection Moulding  process was born from two different technologies: the injection moulding of thermoplastic polymeric materials and the sintering of metallic powder. 
The peculiarities of injection moulding are the following: freedom of configuration, high productivity, and minimum reject. Some metal alloys share these characteristics. Low-alloy steels stainless steels, alloys of titanium, bronze and many other metal alloys can be processed through MIM, in order to obtain metal objects with optimal features: excellent metal proprieties, optimal surface finish, high precision.




Many different alloys are included among our production materials. Since 10 years, we have worked titanium and its alloys through MIM process.



A production plant in the forefront is the starting point in order to satisfy our customers. We are able to produce many lots, ranging from few thousands to hundreds of thousands of pieces.



We have an equipped laboratory in order to characterize the products and every working process: controls about Carbon and Sulphur, Oxygen and Nitrogen, pycnometer to helium, micro and macro durometer, metrological laboratory, metallurgic laboratory, NDT controls, and sonic controls, controls of acoustic resonance.


Fields of application

MIM can be applied in different fields: medical, sport, motor, mechanical, and micromechanical in general, defence sector, fashion industry, and aeronautic sector. These are only few examples.

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