The phases of the process




Metal powder and organic ligands are mixed in order to obtain a mixture called “feedstock.” At the end of this operation, we obtain the first matter for the injection moulding.


After the realization of the mould with the desired figures, the “feedstock” is injected in the holes of the mould in order to obtain the single pieces, which are called “green pieces” in this particular phase.


The organic part, which gives shape to metallic particles, is removed partially after the injection. This phase is called “debinding”. At the end of this process, the pieces are called “brown pieces”.


The “brown pieces” are put in the furnace with high temperature in order to permit the sintering of metal powder and to obtain high-density objects.

 Post workings

The pieces can be finished with metal workings, grading, thermal treatments (for example case-hardening, carbonitriding, tempering), surface treatments, (for example nickel-plating, chromium-planting, bluing, anodizing, electro-burnishing).